MANDY - The Beast - Signature Edition Prop Replica


This is the real deal, my friends. THE BEAST is the axe forged by Red Miller and used to avenge the death of his girlfriend in the cult film MANDY. This prop replica was created from 3D scans and references from the original movie prop. The scan was then 3D printed, molded and cast in fiberglass capturing every subtle nuance from the screen used prop. It was then chrome plated to match the chrome steel of the original. Bottom line is this official MANDY prop replica in your hands is a direct copy of the original - warts and all. A hand numbered plaque wall mount to display The Beast is included. Each Beast is completely handmade, which makes each one unique. Due to the complex nature of the production process, there may be a few imperfections on each unit.

Only 300 units will be produced of this deluxe Signature Edition that includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by director Panos Cosmatos.

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