DEFIANT - The Story of Robert Smalls - Graphic Novel (PRE-ORDER)


The legacy of Robert Smalls is just too vast to be contained in just a single comic book, so we've compiled all four comic issues into one complete special edition Defiant: The Story of Robert Smalls graphic novel. This hardcover also includes bonus content—e.g. creator statements, behind-the-scenes art and stories, and more!

BACKGROUND: With a goal of eventually releasing a feature film, we raised over 150K via Kickstarter this past summer to create this graphic novel, which will act as the underlying IP and first draft of the storyboards. If you're not familiar with the story of Robert Smalls, please check out the project page for all the latest.

*Art is not final, and is used as a demonstration of merchandise, but does not necessarily represent final products.

Note: if you are purchasing any other merch from the shop, please make a separate order, as otherwise those items will not ship until your pre-order is fulfilled later this year.

ESTIMATED TO BEGIN SHIPPING FALL 2024 (Once Kickstarter Orders Have Been Filled)

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