In rural Wisconsin, orphaned teenage twins, Ellie and Sam, are sent to live at the mysterious estate of their eccentric aunt, Dr. Catherine Evermor. A powerful secret reveals that their world is not what it seems, and neither are they.

Ellie and Sam's discovery of a wondrous machine called the Forevertron allows them to journey through the multiverse and its alternate Earths—finding danger, love, family, the limitless potential of human adventure... and their ultimate destinies. 

Set in present-day Wisconsin and inspired by the real-life artistic creations and narratives of Dr. Evermor (Thomas Every), we explore the complex relationships of a very unique family; the dangers they face as a result of who and what they are; and the perilous journeys they must endure for the sake of the rebellion and the fate of multiverse. Emotional, cinematic, and rooted in character, Evermor is a journey of discovery like none other.

“Power up. Power on... Forevertron!”


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