Status: In Development, Seeking Distribution

Anyone can have a great idea for a Film, TV, or VR project. Very few have the connections to get those ideas made.

We're here to change that.

Pitch Elevator began when Legion M built a full size elevator set on the floor of Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con.  Inside was a cameraman and a countdown timer. Fans from around the world were invited to step inside, pitch their idea for a movie or TV show, and compete to win a development deal with Legion M. We ended with over 400 pitches representing over 10 hours of footage. 

Over months of voting, the Legion M community has rated and evaluated these pitches, casting tens of thousands of votes to narrow the field to the top 33 semifinalists. The Pitch Elevator show chronicles the journey of these semifinalists as they pitch to industry insiders like Leonard Maltin, Bill Duke and Dave Thomas to compete for the opportunity to win a development deal with Legion M. 

Pitch Elevator is currently in production as a digital series scheduled to release in 2018. A Legion M original, the show was created and financed by Legion M, and made possible with extensive support from the Legion M community.