Is Legion M a scam?

We understand the skepticism many folks feel when they first hear about Legion M. And it's smart to be wary of what you hear on the internet (especially for something you see in a Facebook ad!). But anybody who does even a little bit of research will see this is a completely legitimate endeavor. We're regulated by the SEC, and have a number of people with proven track records and reputations involved with and vouching for the company.
Being regulated by the SEC means that you, as a potential investor, receive significant public disclosures (including audited financial statements), and that the company/team has had bad actor checks run to ensure we're not fraudsters. The SEC doesn't vouch for the quality of our business plan (you have to judge that for yourself), but it should give you assurances this isn't some sort of scam, ponzi or pyramid scheme.
We encourage people to do their own independent research, because we're pretty confident that they will like what they see. We have a proven team that has demonstrated an ability to build a successful startup. We've got a lot of very reputable people involved with and/or vouching for the company. We've got a huge idea, and have already shown incredible traction for the short period we've been in business.
There's no guarantee you'll make money, of course, but if we fail it will because what we're doing is difficult and has never been done before. We're betting our own money (not to mention jobs, reputations, and careers!) that we can make this company successful, and offering you the chance to swing for the fences with us. We think it is wonderful that, for the first time in history thanks to the JOBS Act, the public has the chance to be a part of it for as little as $100.
You can always join as a free member to see what the company is all about before deciding whether or not to invest.