Congratulations! You are now the official owner of your very own t-shirt business. Welcome to the American dream!

Like a lot entrepreneurs, you come from humble beginnings. Your 1976 Renault Le Car may not score you many dates, but it's the perfect base of operations for your budding t-shirt empire. 

The job of running a t-shirt business out of hatchback is surprisingly simple. The Le Car only has room to store 100 shirts. You just gotta pick the right ones. 

There are 4 hot new styles coming out, and it's important for you to choose wisely. If you order too few of a hot seller they'll be gone before you know it, and you'll miss out on sales. If you order too many of a slow seller, you’ll have extra inventory to lug around in the back seat for the next month. And that Le Sucks.

Legion M T-shirt Collection #1

To play along, just fill out the form below and choose what % of shirts you want to stock your Le Car with. At the end of the first week of pre-orders, we’ll use ACTUAL sales data to see who made the best predictions. The winner gets a special Legion M T-shirt, along with the temporary title of “Chief Tastemaker"! Note that you must submit BEFORE 11:59PM on Sunday Sept 11th to be considered for the Rev 0.1 prize.

Round 0.1 of T-Shirt Mogul is now complete. CLICK HERE for results.

To get on the list for the next round, please sign up below.