We're looking for volunteers who are members/investors of Legion M to lend a helping hand (or mouth) during our official events and activations. The specific task will always vary depending on what is needed but we’ll give you a heads up about volunteer roles and assignments ahead of time. It’s always up to you if you like to accept the volunteer role.

ATTENTION LEGION M LOS ANGELES: We are looking to fill several volunteer roles during Los Angeles Comic Con from Friday, October 26th to Sunday, October 28th. Some roles will include helping with merchandise, getting fans to Join Legion M for FREE, handing out prize wheel gifts and more during show hours at our booth. We will provide you with an entry badge for the Con during your volunteer time/day. Please visit our Fan Oasis page here (https://legionm.com/fan-oasis) for further details

If you are available to help and can make it to the event for at least a few hours, please fill out the form below: