Legion M’s newest project Archenemy has the following production needs and we’re reaching out to our members to assist in the process. Principal photography will occur in Los Angeles in December of 2019 and potentially into January of 2020. We’ll have fixed dates very soon. If you have access to one or more of the items on the list below and would like to be a part of Archenemy, please fill out the form below! We’re in crunch time here, so please only submit if you are 100% sure of the availability or your strong connection to it. Thank you for helping us be as efficient as possible!

  • NEW: Apt Building, exterior

    - Not fancy

    - brick building (potentially feels like the projects)

    - 2 or 3 floors

    - Need to shoot a car pulling into the building

    - Near downtown or one of our other locations

  • NEW: Neon Signs

  • Cherrypicker - Please include boom specs of what you have access to and/or a pic. Needed on Dec 4th, 7th, Dec 12th, 14th (And also need one later in the week of 16th but we don't know the specific dates yet.)

  • Connections or discounts at print shops. Even a FedEx would work, but somewhere with large format prints, screen prints.

  • Extras - Trendy, hip looking. In their 20's 30's with lap tops for office scene (send us your hippest looking pic!).

  • A golf cart or gator (or LSV). Needs transport from one set to another across town.

  • Hair Stylist (prefer experience with African American hairstyles) MUST BE UNION

  • Cheap/basically free Locations in Los Angeles area - a skyscraper & an office building & a bar. Needed for 3-4 days: 1 day exterior, 2 days interior (office, hallways, intermittently controlled elevator)

  • Production vehicles:

    • Late Model Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro. Loud color, stripes, spoiler. Very showy. This car becomes a character in the film, our hero's "Batmobile."

      Automatic transmission, tinted windows, must be local to Los Angeles or willing to transport to Los Angeles. This car is used in a stunt where our lead is nearly run over, but he jumps over the car and lands on his feet. Because of this, we risk denting the hood and roof as well as breaking the windshield. We will repair any potential damage that may be incurred. The owner must understand this risk.

      The car first works 12/04 and finishes 12/18. We will need to hold the car during this period for intermittent shooting and to avoid the car being damaged or "no-showing" on days needed. We would need the car at least a day early to have our transportation department and stunt coordinator check the brakes, tires etc for safety.

    • Sports Car (preferably silver, will consider other colors based on availability)

      Examples are BMW i8, Mercedes AMG GT, Aston Martin Vantage

      This car belongs to our villain, the titular Archenemy. It is used twice, once as an escape vehicle for The Manger character, and again parked outside villain HQ.

      The car works 12/05 and 12/18. Because of the value of this type of car, we understand that holding it for the entire time is likely untenable. We would need absolute assurances in writing that the car would return on time for the second day of production, as missing the second shoot date would be disastrous for production.

    • Black Executive Car. Examples: Chrysler 300C, Lincoln Towncar, Tahoe or similar.

      Delivers our second lead to villain HQ, Plays in two scenes, 12/14 and 12/18. We would hold the car the days in between as it just over a weekend.

  • Drone / Drone operator (No details on the what where when yet)

  • Cleaning services for location cleaning / clearing out, in the event it is needed.

  • Covered storage space or build space in Glendale or Burbank to sore set dressing and props.

  • Access to the following:

    • Flats

    • Window elements

    • 3D printer

    • Construction crane

    • Scissor lifts

    • Flatbed truck

  • People with experience making props, including:

    • Silicone molds

    • Breakaway chairs