Colossal is one of those movies with the amount of creativity that some directors never produce in their whole lives.

Nick Allen (RogerEbert.com)

Colossal is not just one of the best reviewed movies in theaters today--it's also the first project financed in part by new fan-funded start-up Legion M. Over 4,000 Legion M investors have a stake in the movie, which makes its early success all the sweeter. 

Colossal is the sort of movie Legion M stands for -- and the type most difficult for Hollywood to make. In a landscape that's dominated by sequels, reboots, and retreads, Colossal stands tall as a shining example of original storytelling. Whether you like the movie or not (and strong Rotten Tomatoes scores suggest you will), you have to applaud writer/director Nacho Vigalondo for his boldly imaginative vision, and actors Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Tim Blake Nelson and Austin Stowell for taking a chance on an entirely different type of monster movie.

To celebrate the release of our first film, Legion M is coordinating opening night meet-ups around the country. Please join us to see the most exciting new movie of the year, and witness the power of a FAN-OWNED ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY!

Genuinely oddball gem...Colossal is seriously unmissable.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

What is Legion M?

Legion M is the world's first FAN-OWNED entertainment company. We give fans a first-ever opportunity to invest and own a piece of the entertainment industry. Click here to learn more!

What does Legion M have to do with COLOSSAL?

Legion M is a presenter of the film along with NEON, the distribution company. We've invested in the film and have upside in its success. We're also working with the filmmakers to arrange special benefits and opening night parties for our members

How much does it cost to join Legion M?

Nothing! You can join as a free member to become part of our community and get access to the Colossal perks. If you like what you see, you can even invest in the company. Learn more.