Welcome to the project page for CODENAME: ELEVATOR PITCH, a new Legion M production. We're creating a movie pitch competition, and online game, and a reality TV show rolled into one. And we're inviting you to come along for the ride...

DISCLAIMER: This project is currently in development, which means anything and everything is subject to change! We're inviting you behind the scenes and into the development process, so you can see firsthand what goes into an initiative like this. We've got an ambitious goal, a tight budget, and an even tighter timeframe, which means this project promises to be a crazy, chaotic, hectic, hot mess. If you don't like change, turn away and wait for the official announcement once things are finalized. But if you want to see how the sausage is made (and perhaps even make a little yourself!) then put on your apron and LETS GO!



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 The project involves a number of phases 

  1. Ordinary people from around the world have the opportunity to submit 45 second videos where they pitch a new movie idea. This can be done online, or via a special booth we're building for Stan Lee's LA Comic Con (formerly Comikaze).
  2. Members of Legion M will join an online game (CODENAME: SCOUT) that allows them to review, evaluate, and vote on each of the pitches. The best scouts (i.e. the ones that do the best job of predicting the winning pitches) win prizes.
  3. Finalists with the best pitches will be invited to Los Angeles to get a backstage tour of a Hollywood lot and pitch their idea to a panel of Hollywood bigwigs.
  4. One winner will be awarded a Legion M development deal. The pitch will be added to our slate, and we'll try to get it developed into a movie!
  5. The entire process will be filmed, and used as the pilot for a TV series.