10:30AM PST / 1:30PM EST

Using an online video conferencing platform, the creative team has the ability to interact directly with a large audience. We’ll send you a dedicated link ahead of time so you can get online and into the “room.” Once the meeting starts, you can interact with other backers and the creative team. If you have a working webcam, you might even be invited to take the "stage" with the creatives to ask a question live! This interactive and fun platform is a lot like getting to ask a question at a Comic-Con panel. We can't wait to hear your feedback--it may spark an idea that makes it into the movie (or if we're really successful--another comic book)!

In general, the meetings will be about one hour in length. The first half of the meeting will be spent hearing news and updates from the creative team, while the second half will be open to questions and input from the audience. We will schedule the meetings ahead of time so you don't have to last-minute cancel your dinner date, put off working out, or tell your teacher that your dog ate your homework. That's how we roll.

Submit your question ahead of time!

Can’t make the development meeting? Or just want to submit your question or suggestion ahead of time? Use the form below, and we’ll use these questions and suggestions to put together an agenda for the creative team.