Legion M is looking for talented writers, actors, and real-life personalities to perform as CELEBRITY PLAYERS in Season 1 of Pitch Elevator!


Looking for writers & writer/performers for live competition show, known as “Celebrity Players. ” We need funny and authentic points of view for a live competition show. If you are an existing, known personality that’s great! If not, you may audition with an invented character. What matters is that you bring a dynamic, unique, and informative perspective to the competition. Players are responsible to provide at least one 1-2 minute video clip or written blog post per week (x 5 weeks), and engage in character online over the course of the season.

NON UNION, All ages and ethnicities
RATE: $750 flat + $750 in Legion M stock

Auditions Submissions Due: 10/29/17
Callbacks/Final Decisions: 10/30/17 - 11/5/17
First Week Videos/Blogs Due: 11/13/17
Air Dates: Thursdays 6PM PST, 11/16/17 through 12/07/17 and Sundays at 5PM PST, 11/19/17 - 12/10/17
Live Finale: TBD, Dec 2017 or Jan 2018


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Anyone can have a great Idea
Few have the connections to make it happen


Last year, Legion M built a full size elevator set on the floor of Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con. Inside was a cameraman and a countdown timer. Contestants were invited to step inside and given 2 minutes to pitch their idea for a movie, TV show, or virtual reality experience.

Over 400 contestants submitted pitches in the elevator and our online submission period. From these hopefuls, 10 will earn the opportunity to pitch their idea live to a panel of Hollywood insiders. One of them will win a development deal with Legion M. 


Since submissions ended, the Legion M community of over 20,000 members and investors have rated and evaluated the these pitches in our online Media Mogul game.  We're narrowing it down to the top 32, which is where Season 1 of Pitch Elevator begins.

The Pitch Elevator show, available this fall online, focuses on the semi-final and final rounds of the competition. Structured like American Idol, each week the audience will watch eight semifinal pitches, hear opinions and analysis from celebrity judges, and vote to decide which pitches advance to the finale. Over the course of 4 weeks, the top 32 will be narrowed down to 10 finalists that have the opportunity to pitch LIVE to panel of Hollywood insiders.

Have you got what it takes to be a media mogul?

The twist is that in Pitch Elevator, the audience doesn't just vote--they also play along! Each week, audience members are invited to put on their "producer" hat, channel their inner Ari Gold, and make predictions about which pitches will succeed and fail. Like Fantasy Football or a March Madness Pool, players compete against groups of friends to win cash, prizes, and a role as an official Legion M SCOUT. 

Each week will consist of two episodes--a pre-recorded "performance episode" where we unveil the 8 semi-finalists, and a "results episode" where unveil the results of voting, and update the audience's score. 

For more information about the show, check out the treatment.

Role DESCRIPTION - celebrity player

In addition to competing against friends, players are also competing against a small roster (target 5) of CELEBRITY PLAYERS. These are the roles we are currently looking to fill. The CELEBRITY PLAYERS are there to provide analysis--think Jimmy Iovine on American Idol, Dick Vitale on March Madness, or the talking heads after a presidential debate. They are also there to entertain--we're looking for fun, colorful personalities that can create videos and blog posts that are viral and fun to watch. Most of all, they are there to incite discussion. Everybody has an opinion--the CELEBRITY PLAYERS' job is to stir the pot. 

We're looking for both fictional and real-life characters who can play the game in real time against the audience. Some examples of potential characters:

  • The Rocket Scientist. She doesn’t know anything about the movie business, but when you design spacecraft for a living this should be a piece of cake…Right? This real life JPL scientist believes she's got the formula for mogul success. (Note, this could also be a nuclear engineer, DARPA researcher, professor of advanced particle physics, 14 year old MIT student etc--any genius will do...) 
  • Ari Gold. Nobody knows exactly where Ari is submitting from, but his weekly blog is solid Gold. (Note to Jeremy Piven - If you are reading this PLEASE CALL US SO WE CAN WORK SOMETHING OUT!!)
  • The Monkey. Each week, a real live monkey makes picks by choosing bananas with the names of the pitches on them. It's all in good fun, but beware—if you lose to the monkey there WILL be consequences… (Note--doesn't need to be a monkey--could also work with anything from Cocker Spaniel or Cockatoo to a Baby or a Potted Plant. Just need a fun and creative way for this player to make their picks each week.)
  • Benny Vader. Just like Stephen Baldwin, Benny has spent his whole live in the shadow of famous older brothers Darth and Chad. Pitch Elevator is giving Benny 15 minutes of fame, and he's determined to make the most of it!!
  • The ACTOR. Even if you didn't catch her in the off off off off broadway musical "Stink", you probably recognize her face from that Frito's commercial (you know the one). She's a method actor's method actor, (trained at JULLIARD, dammit!), so picking pitches should be a breeze.
  • Vegas Odds-Maker. After 35 years of working the Strip, he knows everybody in the biz. He's got "a guy" who can provide hot tips on Pitch Elevator. He can also hook you up with a great car stereo at a rock bottom price.
  • Donald Trump. We couldn't get the real Donald (SAD!), but we did find Donald Trump of Mehoopany, Pennsylvania and he's ready to #MakeHollywoodGreatAgain!


  • The roles listed above are intended as examples. You are free to audition for any of these roles, or to create one of your own. Ultimately we're looking for a colorful cast of characters that can inform and entertain our audience.
  • We're looking for to both fictional and real life personalities. So if you have a job/personality/background/situation/etc that would provide a unique and informative perspective to this competition, we want to hear from you!!
  • PITCH ELEVATOR is rated PG-13. Mature topics and innuendo are OK, but we'd like to keep it clean enough that you could comfortably watch with your parents and children. 
  • While we've included Donald Trump as an example character, it's important to know that Legion M is officially a politics-free zone. As a company, we choose to focus on the common interests that bring us together rather than the issues that divide us. If you try to tackle this character and make all submissions via Twitter, please keep that in mind. 
  • While we encourage our celebrity players to have fun with the show, it's important that it's always done with love and respect--especially when it comes to the pitches. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there creatively, and every person who pitched is part of the Legion M community. Honest, constructive criticism and analysis is fine, but mean spirited humor at the expense of other contestants/players is not.
  • That said, you are welcome to feud or beef with other celebrity players. ;) 


We have two different types of CELEBRITY PLAYERS--vloggers and bloggers. 

VLOGGERS (target 2-3)

  • Provide at least 1 clip (target 1-2 minutes) per week (x 5 weeks) describing your picks, and why you made them. These posts/videos will be released after the weekly performance episode. You are responsible for all writing, shooting, editing, etc. iPhone or webcam footage is fine. Production value will be a consideration, but we're primarily looking for creativity and entertainment value.
  • Provide live chat commentary during the live results show each week (x 4 weeks) as well as the live finale to be scheduled in either December or January. 
  • Spend at least 1 hour per week (x 5 weeks) engaging and/or trash talking on social media and the Legion M game forum.

BLOGGERS (target 2-3)

  • Provide at least 1 blog post per week (x 5 weeks) describing your picks, and why you made them. Target is 500-1,000 words per post, but we're more concerned with content then length. We're also open to submissions via social media (i.e. Donald Trump could make his submissions via Twitter). 
  • Spend at least 1 hour per week (x 5 weeks) engaging and/or trash talking on social media and the Legion M game forum.
  • Provide live chat commentary during the live results show each week (x 4 weeks) as well as the live finale to be scheduled in either December or January. 


  • CELEBRITY PLAYERS will get access to pitches 3-5 days before their video/blog posts are due..
  • Legion M is using an Agile Development Method in the production of Season 1. As such, we may make adjustments to episode structures, deliverables, timelines, etc. on the fly. To read more about this, please read this post


Casting Call Announced: 10/18/17
Auditions Submissions Due: 10/29/17
Callbacks/Final Decisions: 10/30/17 - 11/5/17
First Week Videos/Blogs Due: 11/13/17
Performance Episodes Air Dates: Thursdays 6PM PST, 11/16/17 through 12/07/17
Live Results Shows: Sundays at 5PM PST, 11/19/17 - 12/10/17
Live Finale: TBD, Dec 2017 or Jan 2018


  • This schedule is tentative, and subject to change! If you have any scheduling conflicts in the months of November, December, or January, please note them in your audition submission. We do not plan to release or film any episodes between 12/18/17 to 1/4/18
  • CELEBRITY PLAYERS should to be available during the run of the show (11/16/17 to 12/10/17) and during the live finale. 


Each CELEBRITY PLAYER will receive $750 cash, plus a grant of stock options for $750 worth of shares in Legion M, the world's first FAN-OWNED Entertainment Company. In addition, bloggers will receive a writing credit for the show, and vloggers will receive an acting and writing credit for the show. Vloggers are welcome to assign their writing credit if they have somebody writing for them.

It's also worth noting that Season 1 is a prototype for what we hope will be an even larger Season 2. While nothing is guaranteed, Season 1 celebrity players may have a leg up when it comes time for Season 2 auditions. 


If you have any questions, please e-mail, and put "PITCH ELEVATOR CASTING" in the subject line. 

what is legion m?

Legion M is the world's first FAN-OWNED entertainment company. Like other studios/production companies we create, develop, and finance movies, TV shows, and VR experiences. However we're built from the ground up to be owned fans. We believe that an media company owned by a legion of fans has the potential to become one of the most influential companies in Hollywood. 

Legion M launched in 2016 and has raised over $3 million from over 7,000 investors. To date, we've partnered with NEON to help bring Colossal (starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis) to market, shot the pilot for a virtual reality interview series with Stan Lee and Kevin Smith, joined as executive producers on Field Guide to Evil (a feature film horror anthology releasing in 2018), and created Pitch Elevator, an online series which will release this fall.

For more information, please check out our website. If you are interested in becoming an investor, please go to our funding portal. We're not currently open for investments, but expect to open a new round this fall. 


If you have any questions, please e-mail, and put "PITCH ELEVATOR CASTING" in the subject line.