Legion M partners with creators - from independent filmmakers to big Hollywood studios - to produce movies, TV shows, VR experiences and more.  We provide development support, financial backing, marketing muscle and, most importantly, fan engagement and monetization.

When you invest in Legion M you aren't buying into a single project -- you're investing in a diversified slate chosen with input from our shareholders and guidance from an extensive network of advisors and allies. Entertainment is a hit driven business, and Hollywood is notorious for complicated accounting schemes that favor insiders at the expense of starry-eyed investors. Investing in a single project is a great way support something you love and believe in, but if you're looking to make money over the long haul, it's important to diversify.

Legion M provides a curated slate of projects chosen by people who understand how Hollywood works. We diversify across different genres (i.e. horror vs. sci-fi), mediums (i.e. TV vs. movies), and stages (i.e. high risk/reward early stage investments vs. safer late stage investments) to build a company that will stand the test of time.