Legion M is lucky to count the one-and-only Stan Lee as a friend and investor.  He’s turning 95 this year, and to help celebrate, we are putting together our very own STAN LEE TRIBUTE VIDEO filled with cameos of none other than – wait for it – it’s really exciting – yes, you heard it correctly – YOU!!!

We are gathering fans from around the world to pay tribute to the legendary Stan Lee and Legion M members are cordially invited to take part. These "Message to Stan" videos and images will be included in a montage for an up-and-coming special event this summer (details coming soon)!

Each submission should be either a single image or video 10 seconds or less and include your message to Stan as written communication (legibly please). Written messages can be delivered as creatively as you like - written out on a cardboard sign, carved into a tree, drawn into a comic book - whatever you dream up. No sound or audio will be included in the montage, so please don't talk!

The goal is to get as creative as possible in answering one or all of the below statements using written signs or billboards or t-shirts or whatever.

  • Stan is _____________________.
  • Stan taught me to _____________________.
  • Thank you Stan for _____________________.
  • Stan helped me _____________________.
  • My favorite memory of Stan is _____________________.
  • I am a fan of Stan because _____________________.

Or create your own special message! Below are some examples to get your creative juices flowing. We're sure you can do better than these!