Paul Scanlan
"Spidey Sense"

Cofounder, CEO

SUPER POWERS: Spidey sense, durability, impeccable timing
ARCH RIVALS: Suits, status quo, establishment
HEROIC FEATS: Emmy Winner, Cofounder/President MobiTV, Cofounder/Board Member New York Rock Exchange, Passionate Digital Media Entrepreneur, 500+ jobs created, $140M+ venture capital raised, 2011 Forbes "Names You Need to Know"
WEAKNESSES: Coen brothers, raw cookie dough, robot chicken

Jeff Annison

Cofounder, President

SUPER POWERS: Limit smashing, trailbraking, Felix Felicis
ARCH RIVALS: Telemarketers, conference calls, rules without reasons
HEROIC FEATS: Emmy Winner, Founder/CEO New York Rock Exchange, Cofounder and VP Product Development MobiTV, toy designer, theme park engineer, amateur auto racer
WEAKNESSES: Board games, fast cars, cold pizza, knock-knock jokes

Terri Lubaroff


SUPER POWERS: Uber collaborator, bright idea generator, detail destructor
ARCH RIVALS: Users, posers, high heels, tall cabinets
HEROIC FEATS: 20+ years film/tv development and talent & lit management, entertainment lawyer, COO Meltdown Entertainment, Sr. VP Humble Journey Films w/deal at Paramount, film/TV/podcast/content writer/producer, master negotiator, movie lover
WEAKNESSES: Life-changing stories, travel, chocolate peanut butter ice cream

David Baxter
"The Hound"

V.P. of Development

SUPER POWERS: Supernatural sense of smell to sniff out great projects, giant sized heart, genre shape shifter
ARCH RIVALS: The Man, myopic vision, Debbie downers
HEROIC FEATS: 20+ years film/TV development, award-winning WGA writer with projects at 20th Century Fox, Paramount, & Bandito Brothers and graphic novelist for Image Comics, Larger than Life cosplay celebrity, champion fencer (swords, not watches)
WEAKNESSES: Kung Pao chicken, Game of Thrones, vintage Italian race cars

Mike Arrieta
"The Flash"

Strategy & Distribution

SUPER POWERS: Uncanny ability to see the future, turn no into yes, motivate and amuse
ARCH RIVALS: Unmet potential, traffic, slow internet connections, 3-putts
HEROIC FEATS: 25+ years film/tv distribution, EVP of Sony's digital division working with transformative services that reshaped our industry (iTunes, Tivo, etc.)
WEAKNESSES: Swimming with sharks, Dodger Stadium, Chocolate covered almonds

Taylor Gledhill
“Gramdalf The Grey”

Social Media

SUPER POWERS: Telekinesis, the ability to stay underwater for over an hour
HEROIC FEATS: ASPCA kitten foster, member of the two-time Emmy award-winning “@Midnight” Digital Team. Escaped Alcatraz & the Chateau D’If without a boat. Digital Artist, Writer, World Traveler, Certified Rescue Diver
WEAKNESSES: Alyssa, vintage guitars, people who wax poetic about New Jersey

Mandy Bardisbanian
”Master Merchant”

Merchandising and Licensing

SUPER POWERS: Shadowhunting, Metamorphmagus, Designing products that people inexplicably feel they must have
ARCH RIVALS: Anyone who says "it can't be done" or "it's too hard", Internet trolls, The Volturi
HEROIC FEATS: Saving the world single-handedly on a semi-annual basis. Designing, procuring, and managing fandom products for major retailers and start-ups
WEAKNESSES: Any dog in need, Lays potato chips, any story with a dragon in it

Eric Lam
"DJ Eratic"


SUPER POWERS: Stealth Shoes, Agile Brainiac and Wizard like work performer
ARCH RIVALS: Talkers not Doers, Douchebags, Negative Nancy
HEROIC FEATS: King of Customer Happiness at New York Rock Exchange. Product Manager at MobiTV. Professional Event DJ. 3X Fantasy Football Champ and Little League All-Star Team
WEAKNESSES: Wonder Woman, Horror Flicks, Michelin Star Restaurants

Terri Piñon

Volunteer Ringleader

SUPER POWERS: Superhuman Endurance, Patience, Falling asleep anytime, anyw...zzzz
ARCH RIVALS: High shelves, the word "No", ridiculous social norms
HEROIC FEATS: 19+ years saving lives in healthcare. Successfully landed an airplane (more than once!). If you need me to steal the Millenium Falcon, I'm game!
WEAKNESSES: Call to adventure (let’s go!), the first few bars of the Star Wars theme song, puppies, espresso

Clare Bateman-King
“8 Shot”

Worldwide Events & BD

SUPER POWERS: Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Out-of-this-World-Party Planning, Impervious to Hangovers
ARCH RIVALS: Jetlag, Timezones, Convention Center Rental Fees
HEROIC FEATS: 25 years in international media and entertainment, line wrangler extraordinaire at lining-up.net. Once took a Helicopter to get to work on time after waking up in the wrong country!
WEAKNESSES: Swedish Fish, Hugs, Drinks in cute bottles with paper straws

Michelle P. Carter
”Agent Carter”


SUPER POWERS: Light-speed typing, Vulcan hearing, plain-clothes cosplay
ARCH RIVALS: Puns, Team Valor, Gryffindor, idiot drivers, allo nonsense, New England weather.
HEROIC FEATS: Six-time Emmy toucher, 7+ years in media (CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, AwesomenessTV), serial volunteer and fundraiser, gilded on Reddit, Pokémon master
WEAKNESSES: Matan, cats, bacon Mac and cheese, anything that comes with peanut sauce

Rob Novickas

Public Relations

SUPER POWERS: Pitch Master, Word Scriber, Gift of Gab
ARCH RIVALS: LA traffic, chain restaurants, radio-silent reporters, the St. Louis Cardinals
HEROIC FEATS: 15-plus year career in public relations, for some of the world's largest brands (Pokémon, Mattel, DreamWorks Animation, Taco Bell, Hilton and Sony PlayStation)
WEAKNESSES: Chicago deep dish pizza, craft beer, Tarantino films, wanderlusting

Karen Clifford
“Troll Master”


SUPER POWERS: Vigilant Veracity, Wondrous Wordsmithing, Next Level Troll Hunting
ARCH RIVALS: Control freaks, chatterboxes, naysayers
HEROIC FEATS: 20+ years internal communication, strategic planning, and project management at Fortune 100 company. Early teleworking pioneer.
WEAKNESSES: Arcane knowledge, cats and kittens, number puzzles, cookies (the edible kind)

Danielle Thorsen
“The Idealistic Realist”


SUPER POWERS: Vegan culinary masterpieces; spreading peace, joy, love, and happiness in the world
ARCH RIVALS: Haters, people who don’t question, writing bios ;)
HEROIC FEATS: Living life to the fullest every single day
WEAKNESSES: Potatoes; traveling and exploring; the first sip of coffee; a good book; the color yellow; new adventures with old friends; puppies! (lbr, all dogs are forever puppies)


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Matan Goldstein

Give me liberty! Or a bran muffin!

Stephanie Brown
”Shipwreck Stephanie”

It’s all for me grog!

Brandi Plants
"FAQs Keeper"

All knowledge is worth having!

Greg Greeson
”Monster Kid”

I think I am. Therefore I am. I think.


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