September 27th, 2017
6:00-7:30 PM PST

Join the Legion M team to raise a glass to all our new investors and get the latest updates on Legion M's plans for world domination!

This event will be hosted in Shindig, a live interactive videoconference that allows you to watch the livestream, ask questions, chat with other members of the audience and, if you like, potentially even be pulled up on stage to join the show! To join the event you'll need to log in through your computer browser (Chrome is recommended) or the Shindig 2 Pro App available on IOS and Android.

Use the button below to go to the Shindig page and RSVP. We recommend arriving at least a few minutes before the event to ensure everything is set up properly.


Want to join the toast with other Legion M members/investors in your area? Use our handy new Meetup Maker 1.0 tool below. Use the "Join" links below to join an existing meetup, or use the "Create Meetup" button to organize a meetup of your own!

Note: the Meetup Maker 1.0 tool is still in beta. If you have any issues or questions, please send mail to meetups@legionm.com. If you are interested in organizing a meetup, you'll need a location that (a) has great bandwidth, (b) has a screen adequate for viewing the broadcast (i.e. an iPad, laptop, or laptop connected to a TV), and (c) is quiet enough for everybody to hear. If you have any questions, please contact meetups@legionm.com.