We believe the next great media powerhouse should be owned by FANS, rather than financial analysts. Not because it's a fun idea (well, that's not the ONLY reason), but because it's an extremely powerful business model. Everything else being equal, we believe an entertainment company owned by fans has a SIGNIFICANT advantage over those owned by corporate conglomerates, wealthy individuals, or Wall Street investors.

Our long term goal is to unite one million fans as co-owners of Legion M. In fact, our logo - an M with the bar over it - is the Roman numeral for one million. If (when!) we achieve that goal, Legion M will have hundreds of millions of dollars to develop entertainment projects with one million fans standing behind them. We believe that would make us one of the most influential companies in Hollywood.

For most companies, investors are simply a source of funding. For Legion M, they are our core of our business. We're a community AND a company, and we work hard to "open the gates of Hollywood" to give our shareholders inside access and special perks.

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