MEMORY: The Origins of Alien
Limited Edition H.R. Giger Necronomicon Pin

Thank you for supporting MEMORY: The Origins of Alien! We are so excited to finally be able to share this film with you and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

As you know from watching the film, H.R. Giger played a vital role in the making of the film. We worked directly with the Giger and Dan O’Bannon estates to create a set of 3 limited edition pins to share community (learn more).

This Necronomicon pin is for those who purchase MEMORY: THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN on VOD or DVD/Blu Ray. This extremely limited, never to be seen again, Legion M exclusive metal pin is based on the artwork commissioned by Dan O’Bannon to H.R. Giger during the pre-production of ALIEN.

This pin will NEVER be for sale and is ONLY be available (while supplies last!) to true fans like yourself. Due to the limited production of this pin, it is restricted to one unit per person. Click here for instructions on how to quality. Once you’ve received your GIFT CODE use the order form below to claim yours!