Calling all LEGION M creatives!

Seeking storyboard ideas for animated credit! 

Send us your creative ideas and potentially win $500 and get your photo featured in the Legion M animated production credit! 

Submissions are closed. Thank you for your interest!

Legion M is developing an animated photo mosaic production credit to be used in our select projects. We want the creative to come from the Legion, so we’re reaching out to the community’s creatives, designers, animators and artists to help storyboard an impactful credit to use with our our theatrical, TV and digital projects!

Specifically, we’re looking for creative storyboard ideas that our partner mosaic software company can help animate. Our current static production credit features thousands of Legion M members. If you haven’t already submitted your photo, what’re you waiting for?! You can easily do it today right here! You may not only be credited in the creation of our production credit, you might star in it, too!

Why a photo mosaic?

Being fan-owned is the source of our superpower and our community is at the heart of everything we do which includes our photo mosaic production credit. We’re looking to expand the logo into a fully animated credit featuring even more members and becoming as iconic as Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle or MGM’s roaring lion. Plus with the added time and animation, we have the opportunity to creatively convey more about our unique fan-owned model.

What’s the animation service?

Our plan is to use PictureMosaics powerful engine to create a cost effective, smooth and professional animation inspired by your storyboard ideas.

PictureMosaics has a variety of off-the-shelf animation templates that we can use for inspiration (see gallery of options here). We will have some flexibility in what we do with the animation, but the closer we stay to the animations they currently offer, the more affordable it will be. A simple but effective storyboard can be one that shows a compelling starting image (single hand in the air) transitioning to a final image (crowd of hands) with the mosaic animation in between.

What we’re looking for:

Any idea that incorporates one or more of the mosaic video tools seen in the gallery. This can be shown in storyboards, descriptions, rough mockups, etc. 


“Start the video panning across a mosaic image of one hand raised in a crowd. As you pan across the sea of faces making up the one hand, the mosaic breaks up and reforms as a crowd of arms with the message: Legion M - Fan Owned Entertainment.

Submissions format:

We’re looking for storyboards, sketches, or detailed text descriptions in PDF format. Let your creativity flow and in any format you feel most comfortable expressing your idea.

What the winner gets:

  • $500 cash prize

  • Bragging rights!

  • And, if possible, having your picture featured in the Legion M animated production credit mosaic!

Please view the Official Rules here.

Submissions are closed. Thank you for your interest!


  • See an example we did in the past (hint, we're looking to do better!) (right)

  • PictureMosaics video gallery 

  • Compilation of studio credits.

Examples of static photo mosaics: