Who can enter?

Pretty much anyone. This contest is open to people all ages, all around the world except where explicitly prohibited by law. See the Official Rules for details.

Is this like Project Greenlight?

Sort of, but not really. In Project Greenlight you are competing to direct a movie. Pitch Elevator is simply a pitch competition--you are under no obligation to write or direct.

Why are you doing this?

We believe everyone has the potential for greatness. We're opening the gates of Hollywood to create opportunities that are normally reserved for insiders. 

What is Legion M?

We're a brand-new FAN-OWNED entertainment company. To learn more, check out

What kind of pitches will you accept?

We're looking for original movies, TV series, and VR experiences. Please read the Official Rules for more information.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes! You may submit as many pitches as you like.

Can I include background music, graphics, etc in my pitch?

Yes. We encourage people to get creative with their pitches, but also remind you that ultimately this competition is about finding the best idea, not the best pitch performance. Also, please do NOT use copyrighted material (i.e. unlicensed background music), or we'll be forced to disqualify your pitch.

Can I submit a trailer or sizzle reel as a pitch?

Sure! As long as you don't violate the Official Rules, go nuts and get creative!

How can I become a judge?

All members of Legion M are eligible to judge. If you are not already a member of the Legion, you join for free at

Do I have to turn over the rights to my idea?

No. If you win, you will receive a 2 year development deal with Legion M during which you agree not to pursue your idea with another partner. Aside from that, you are free to pursue your idea however you wish. The rights to any screenplay/treatment that you've written (or someday plan to write) are still yours.

Is my idea protected?

No. We're sharing these pitches publicly, which means anybody can see/hear them. Ideas are not protected by copyright law (as opposed to scripts, treatments, etc), which means that if somebody hears your pitch and develops your idea--or another idea that's similar to it--you have no legal recourse.  If you have a super secret idea you don't want anybody else to hear, you should keep it to yourself.

That said, submitting your pitch in this competition does not affect any of your rights for things like scripts and treatments that you have developed or may develop in the future. You are free to develop your idea however you please.

Do I need to have a script, treatment, etc?

No. This competition is for pitches only. If you win, we might be interested in optioning a treatment or script from you, but that would be a completely separate deal.

What is the judging criteria?

There are more details in the Official Rules, but judging will be based on a combination of

  • The merit of the idea
  • The performance/delivery of the pitch
  • The commercial viability of the idea

If I am a finalist, do I need to come to Hollywood for the final round?

No. You will be invited to the final pitch session to present your ideas to a panel of Hollywood development execs and agents, but you are not required to attend in person. If you can't make it, we'll make arrangements for you to join via skype and present make your pitch remotely. 

What is a Development Deal?

The winning pitch will sign a development deal with Legion M, which means we'll add the project to our slate, show it to our partners, and see if we can develop it into a movie, TV or VR experience. There's no guarantee of success, but if we can make it happen we've baked in a 15K prize for the person who pitched the idea. And that's just for the pitch (not bad for 2 minutes of work!) -- If the winner also writes the screenplay, treatment, etc. that would be a completely separate deal.